Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Short Story titled: AMAKA WHY

Short Story: Amaka Why
Short Story titled: AMAKA WHY

This short story talks about the young men's dreams and ladies' fancy.
Hope you will enjoy it.

Imagine Amaka disappointing the gods of the land at the time most needed. I can't even smell the breath of the air with my nostrils. Believing that they are in good conditions, please your attention is not only needed but if you can be at ease, you know the rest.

I never knew that 2baba's song AMAKA can ever come to reality. After all, the hustling to break the hard shell of coconut to get the sweetened liquid from it not minding how the liquid ever got in there.
Ahhh, men indeed are "soldiers' never die" characters. As old as I'm that my third leg is always waving to the direction of the wind, I don't mind and try my possible best not to fall if eventually I stumbled upon a stone.

I just can't describe how I met Amaka that fateful day, when it was raining, all I could see was a bright future without obstacles. I had to remove the grits in my eyes just like the prophet to declare the prophecies of impossibility thinking about it being a possibility.

Her appearance could make a person neglect his duty post just to say a word of appreciation without any service rendered. That was my hook, I was on my own and in short at the entrance of my condo, I waved at her while she was walking down the street and her smiles replied in an instant. What could you think, her smiles was all about? So, I asked myself, "I don arrive" became my tune at the point.

Approaching her was not difficult, her smiles paved a way to me unknowingly it was a trick to wad off prospects (my guys). The communication ran this way:
Jelly: Hello bae,
AMAKA: Hi (waves her slim hands- brown skinned)
Jelly: Bae, I like those smiles, what's your name?
AMAKA: OK, thanks for that flattering compliment. I'm AMAKA but you can call me bae as you did earlier on.
Jelly: (I was happy, my classical magic is working). I'm Jelly.
AMAKA: are you now Jelly Fish? (Laughs). I like the name.
Jelly: thanks. I will like to meet you tomorrow so we could have a chat, hope you will be readily available?
AMAKA: yes of course.
Jelly: please don't fail, bae, I will love to see you tomorrow.
AMAKA: I will not disappoint you just trust me. You no wan believe a bae like me self.
Jelly: no, I believe you bae.
AMAKA: bye.
Jelly: bye.
Next day reached,
After AMAKA gave me her contacts, I called and texted her several times thinking I just got a new bae, not knowing it was a setup. My guys ended up making hee-haw of me.

Till now, her lines are going through but she never picks my call or replies my texts even though she knows I'm the one.

AMAKA why, just a common chat, AMAKA why, why AMAKA. What have I done to you?


N.B: please, comment and contribute if you want more stuff like this. You could also make suggestions. Thanks.

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