Thursday, 14 November 2019

Poem: Blacknificent by Emmalizer

Photo Credit: Temitope

Poem: Blacknificent by Emmalizer

I wish the world could be black,
The earth will know no lack,
A wish,
A wish.

I believe all wishes were snapped at the right moment.
Bold imprints in the air,
Racy fame for free.

The blacknificent,
Word for the now and future.
Black was chained,
Her shining claws cut off,
The wings for success faced an allocation with envy.

She never saw her brother as a cherished one.
Streams wouldn't verify those paths,
She was glad even her stepping stone wasn't close by.

Black is art and art is black.
I can't be black and be lagging behind.
I(Black) birthed the so-called civilization and I(Black) didn't get right food on my table.
All I got was a cheese meant for the mice,
My shares were distributed in a freewill,
Call that a twist of fate,
You could be a bit close to it.

Fanning fangs
©Emmalizer 2019

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