Sunday, 17 November 2019

Four Practices to Start Your Day

Four Practices To Start Your Day


Ah, you are awake to the new life of another day. You could be up or down, it all depends on how you take it.

Your day can't be sweet, if the sweats of yesterday are still fresh in that head.
Your remedies to cure that ill behaviour, are in you and boldly encrypted in your DNA. But the right energy at the right time is what most people feel the lack in.

Do you want an energetic and negating negativity free day, I did guess these will be the needed recipes
These 4 practices to get your day in form depends on your sanguinity, and here you go,

They are
  1. Forget yesterday's stress
  2. Be appreciative
  3. Get your to-do list for the day
  4. Keep your health in focus

1. Forget Yesterday's Stress 
Ah, remember its easy to forgive than to forget. But, evident enough, the past can't live in the present, the only to get that blend into your day could have an overwhelming effects into your day. The best way is to direct such energy to make your new day an interesting. 
Nugget: A person can't keep complete records of the steps, he or she took, but the result thereof, matters a lot.

2. Be Appreciative
There is a creator, and there is an appreciator. With respect to all, we just have to be thankful. The struggles, hustle and fights for a better future, gets a positive start with an appreciative attitude.
Being up and thankful, its sure a transcending way to rise above the new day's unknown.
Nugget: You want to tank to be full, simply just be "thankful".

3. Get Your To-Do List For The Day
It's imperative, what are your tasks for the new day? Do you want an organized day ahead? Are you willing to achieve your set goals? The year is running out same as time but you need not bother. Recall, no rush in life else, you crash. Make your to-do list and ensure items on the list are realized, if not all, try to accomplish more than 60% of the written tasks.
 Whenever a task is completed, tick it and forge. Time is too short to keep remembering a task completed. A lot of grounds need your attention.

4. Keep Your Health In Focus
Your health is cool to be forgotten, exercise daily. Your health is not a "mumbo jumbo". You need it before anything, and it needs your focus. Maintenance of your health is paramount like survival of the fittest. 
Eat natural food, drink enough water not to quench that freaky thirst but to wash down those contaminants in your system. Take fresh, and preservatives-free fruits. Regular check-ups and consultation is pretty sweet for you.

N.B: Your hustle needs more fuel, keep the focus in check, definitely your positive energy to do that.

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