Monday, 25 November 2019

Could You, Please Stop?

Could You, Please Stop

She bleeds that her tears are seen,
As thick red blood,
She feels her strengths are diminished,
 That her only defense was her tears.

She is looked upon as gold,
Until the mighty fist touched and stained her crowned beauty.

She never thought of been a shattered mirror,
Until she was heart broken,
Ah! it was emotional in the ninth cloud of her dreams.

She smelt nice,
Her tears calmed the smell of her fragrance.

She so much loved her child,
But silly violence never avoided her warm comfort towards her child.

She could endure all pains,
But stressed to bring smiles to the frowned and hardened faces in her family.

She received punches instead of praises,
Yet, she is expected to prepare a delicacy to appease the violence.

She cries, even more than the love that she received from her lover's hatred.

She prefers to be hate's next door neighbor,
Lived in hate's defined happiness than live in a violent life.

She felt the world could turn,
And bring justice from Mercury,
Even if it's the hottest planet to survive.

The heat she couldn't adhere to,
The rays of joy she needed,
She kept on asking, Who can eliminate these violence?
Will her strength save her from the mess?


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