Monday, 14 October 2019


You did think my pen is slothful, I never thought of speaking to my pen and it summoned courage to express the heartfelt human tyranny to humans.

You could think of the societal ills which are still not healed, you could do the one-two tiptoeing and yet the hungry girl is unhappy with her unfilled stomach.

You could think of life as a passion not until the light is not enough to scare away the dark traces, at that point, you did realised you are in Nigeria.

You could think of modern slavery in the hands of power, where voices are chained without hopes of been freed.

You could think of how we worship our religions and pay key attention to our so-called tribes in the direction leading to unbending divisions not just to us but to peace.

You could think of violence in a kind manner, but ponder on this  "can violence ever be in a kind manner?".
You could think Nigeria is independent, but still dependent in her lies and fake truths. Are we really independent to celebrate independence? When she withheld freedom from her citizens through shhh….
Pen please, please stop all these!!!
To be continued
©Emmalizer 2019

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