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SMILE AGRO: An agricultural-based innovative startup idea meant to be a problem-solver in the agricultural sector in

Smile Agro 

SMILE AGRO: An agricultural-based startup idea

Ideas runs the world but what makes the world work are the appropriate actions taken to implement those ideas and bring it to reality. An idea as it is known as a conceived concept in the mind and to make it a reality steps need to be taken. SMILE AGRO as an idea, will tend to be a game changer and solve some challenges faced in the agricultural sector in Nigeria-definitely will boost to the economic situation in the country.

With continuous efforts by the farmers, agricultural cooperatives and the government over the years, a lot have happened in the agricultural sector but still only few have access to quality farm produce, farmers lost most of their harvest as a result of crude or poor farming and crop management and practices and this is where SMILE AGRO comes in. In some places in Nigeria like the Northern parts, where there is low amount of rainfall when compared to Southern part, only a handful of big farmers can have access to water for irrigation, thereby resulting in loss of farm produce, another aspect in which SMILE AGRO comes in.

Now, What is SMILE AGRO?
SMILE AGRO is an agricultural-technology (agri-tech) solution based startup idea. It is an idea which is centered to bring smiles to the agricultural problems by solving them using agricultural drones (agri-drones) in providing solutions to the following below:
  1. Excessive use of chemicals in pre and post-farming operations. SMILE AGRO with the agricultural drones will make use of chemicals which are a necessity to farming operations in a minimal quantity to the targeted areas to prevent chemical contamination of farm produce.
  2. Unmeasured quantity of water for irrigation. These was said that "Farming accounts for 70 percent of the water consumed and most of its wasteful use, said representatives of 130 nations at the World Water Forum discussing water management". The message in quote is clear, lost of water during the farming process is however considered much. So, SMILE AGRO with its precision UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that is agri-drones, the waste of water will be minimal thereby helping to solve the problem of water scarcity during the dry seasons for irrigation.
  3. Lack of attention paid to the plants' health resulting to low yield of crops. Most farmers all they want to see is the harvest, they little or don't care about the plants' health so it is difficult to know if they are producing quality farm produce or not. Like it is said prevention is better than cure, SMILE AGRO with its agri-drones can help in assessing and evaluating the health of the plants.

What You Need To Know
SMILE AGRO as a startup idea, we begin by using agricultural drones-UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for the main operations. SMILE AGRO as an idea is seeking to work in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Goal 2-Zero Hunger. With the vision to establish an ascendable sustainable solution with social influence which could benefit over 5 million lives by 2025.

Opinions From Experts About Agri-Drones
These are the views from two experts as regards agricultural drones. 
  1. "About 10's of millions of preventable deaths could be achieved each year through the use of drones for planned and emergency supplies and humanitarian disaster response".

Source: Ronen. D, 28 November 2017, London.
  1. "Nigeria possibly is a single largest drone market in Africa"

Source: Nwoji C, The Guardian (Nigeria), 20 July 2017.

Is SMILE AGRO A Paperwork or A Startup Idea?
As aforementioned, it is a startup idea which was initially a paperwork but with gradual steps after it was nominated for the BEST IDEA Category 2019 in the ENTREPRENEURSHIP CAMPUS. It stands an opportunity to become a reality, when it receives the highest number of votes to emerged the winner in the BEST IDEA Category. It is a startup idea which will touch many lives through the use of agricultural drones in the production of quality food.

How To Make This Idea A Reality?
SMILE AGRO was nominated into the BEST IDEA Category and when it receives the highest number of votes and comments about this idea, it stands a greater opportunity to emerged the winner in the category, and gradually as work continues to see the idea work, it will turn to a reality.
So to vote please visit the link below and register through your email. 
My idea, ”Smile Agro”, was nominated for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition in the Best Ideas 2019 category. Please read my idea at https://www.entrepreneurship-campus.org/ideas/22/12506 and consider supporting my idea with comments and votes!
You can support my idea by
a) voting for it
b) commenting and giving positive feedback
c) tell your friends about it to do the same.

Thanks for your support!

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