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Kazzashim arts, a new player with the fusion of arts, music and technology

Meet the Personalities 

Just like the previous session Meet the Personalities:, Meet the Personalities session is for everyone who seek to achieve more, Awaarea is not just having these sessions for reading sake but to motivate the youths to kickstart whatsoever they have in mind, their skills, abilities and even talents. It is better to have millions of youths creating jobs than having millions of employable unemployed youths out there. We start small and grow big. Please you have all it takes.

Highlight about The founder of Kazzashims art.
He is a final year student, who is into arts. He got something interesting about him, which is amazing been an engineering student and into visual arts. That's unique. More information will be given during the session.
 The session begins:
Awaarea: It's good having you on this meet the personalities session. We will like to know more about you, so please provide a brief introduction about yourself.
Daniel Timothy: I'm Daniel Jared Timothy. I'm a Kaduna indigene, currently living in Kaduna as well. I'm a 500lvl computer and communication engineering student of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi and I'm artist.
Awaarea: Something sounds so unique about you. You are a computer and communication engineering student, how come about engagement with arts?
Daniel Timothy: Yeah. Art is a way of life and I love the whole idea. Actually drawing for me was what I did in school so I wouldn't hear the teacher teach so it was part of me since primary school I guess but as I grew up so did the love for art. I have not had any difficulties yet with school and art so it's on a balance for now. Sounds weird but I actually enjoy art more when I'm bored.
Awaarea: Certainly, at some point do you have any challenge of focus between schooling and your engagement with arts?
Daniel Timothy: Yeah I'm no book guy. But about that, school is demanding and all that but, what I go through in school has no challenges on my art in terms of creativity rather it drives me to do better and that's the idea to mix art, music and technology together,so it helps.

Awaarea: that's a great blend, how I wish many can pick those lines for usage when do their stuffs. Actually, I always love music day in, day out. So, when I heard you talk about fusion of arts, music and technology, that's lovely.

Awaarea: About the next question, what is your brand name and what type of art are you engaged in?
Daniel Timothy: the name of my brand is Kazzashims_art and I don't have a type yet, I just do what I feel and vibe with. In the future definitely would have a type.
Awaarea: So are we free to call it a freestyle kind of an art?
Daniel Timothy: Ok it's not all freestyle oh.
Awaarea: In every sessions at meet the personalities in Awaarea, we engage the personalities in a game session. In this session, you ask Awaarea just one question you have in mind. Are we good to go?
Daniel Timothy: Alright and my question is what's the meaning behind  awaarea?
Awaarea: Laughs, well anticipated, its our area initially but I thought of something to catch the attention to ask what's awaarea. It's a fusion of "Awa" to mean "our" while you have "area".
Daniel Timothy: That's great. 
Awaarea: I know art is something very creativity, but do you see any other thing that is essential which makes your love for it immeasurable?
Daniel Timothy: It's very simple. That's music.

Awaarea: How can you relate music with your arts?
Daniel Timothy: Listening to music keeps me calm and depending on the frequencies mixed with the vibes am on the patterns come to life on all canvas, be it on the skin,a wall, paper and on canvas itself.
Awaarea: We believe many more youths are out there engaged with one or more challenges like drug abuse, theft and other social vices. How will you leverage on the youthful energies available? Its simply your way of giving back to the society. 
Daniel Timothy: I feel like creating an awareness and educating the youths on these hard drugs, side effects, and how it's damaging. Speaking on the factors, basically what influences these challenges are the type of friends they hangout with, peer pressure, failure, depression, family conflicts (poor parental upbringing), societal perversion, poverty, and availability of these drugs which should be tackled. 
Youths don't need these drugs to be creative, intelligent, productive or successful. They don't need drugs to have a healthy self-esteem. In terms of theft, when these drugs can't be accessed, youths go into the worst idea which brings about more damage and is harmful to one's life.

As a creative artist, my advice to the youths out there, is to hang out with positive like minded friends who will influence you to do better, good and accomplish great things. Your tomorrow is more important! Think about it.
Awaarea: Do you have any social or online presence to meet you?
Daniel Timothy: Yes I do, yeah you could check me out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using this handle, @Kazzashims_art.
Awaarea: That's a wrap of this great session. Thanks for your time. We love to see you achieve greater heights. Success kazzashims art.
Daniel Timothy: Amen, Thanks.

It is better to be happy with our works because a great deal comes from this internal satisfaction. You can do your thing and the world will know about it. Just be happy. And hope you will start one today. Feel free to either contact me or kazzashim arts, to get your art works done or for any suggestion(s), please do comment below. Thanks


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