Friday, 24 May 2019

Daily Push: Give Life a Chance and Remember Not to Give Up. Motivational Piece.

Courtesy: Awaarea Arts
You don't know how life speaks, but a greater voice speaks within you. A frustrated soul could be helpless especially when the impossible is impossible (seeking help even in those tough times and still, the help looks pale). 

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Kazzashim arts, a new player with the fusion of arts, music and technology

Meet the Personalities 

Just like the previous session Meet the Personalities:, Meet the Personalities session is for everyone who seek to achieve more, Awaarea is not just having these sessions for reading sake but to motivate the youths to kickstart whatsoever they have in mind, their skills, abilities and even talents. It is better to have millions of youths creating jobs than having millions of employable unemployed youths out there. We start small and grow big. Please you have all it takes.

Man, Man By Emmalizer

Photo Shot by Emmalizer, In Picture: Young Prof MAN, MAN By Emmalizer Every man👨🏾 to himself, the same thing happens everywhere?...