Friday, 5 April 2019

Entrepreneurship: Youths and the struggle to strive in it

Entrepreneurship a watchword for economic development and a field most youths want to participate in. You have the zeal, passion and patience, and boom you are there. 
Now, it is a striving season for entrepreneurs with great ideas and hitting it with such enthusiasm. Entrepreneurship is the modern way of life, I was a bit skeptical of it initially all thanks to several books I read which opened my eyes to think I could have a future there. 

I am not saying that I am an entrepreneur already but that spirit is fully embedded in me. How would you think that great innovations that are transforming lives will ever exist? Sorry to say this but I hope it does not hurts you, do you believe things will ever be made easier like this?  
It is amazing to see life as a great opportunity to achieve success. But something remain barriers for youths like me to kick start their entrepreneurship journey. I think one of the most popular saying so far is, “think out of the box”. When I first heard I was like, how can one think out of the box? I saw it mainly as a definition of creativity, many youths are out doing things pretty cool through the creative skills that hold. Someone once met me and asked me, are you creative? Well, I never answered that question even to this day because is something I ask myself daily. But I will like to ask you such question, are you creative?

Most youths wanting to be an entrepreneur are faced with multiple challenges ranging from idea actualization, funding and continuity. Even with these challenges, new opportunities are created. I can speak about this three areas because I am currently finding challenges in the first two areas. You can add your challenges you face and comment below. 
Idea actualization: it is okay to dream but not able to put that dream to work is more like continuous belief without results. You can agree with me that most of us have dreams to be this or that but something is still holding us back from achieving such. Bringing the ideas to reality remain a strong part for every potential entrepreneurs. 
Funding: another aspect that every potential entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs will want to see accomplished. Funding for businesses is something one cannot do without because it is the backbone of every businesses just like an engine needs lubrication to get the other parts to work well. Not all entrepreneurs are well-funded or have funds to start their businesses. That is why most entrepreneurs start with something small to acquire funding to run their mega ideas. Entrepreneurs are positive-minded, goal-oriented and focused to achieve whatsoever they believe that can be achieved. Like my great mentors, Sir Strive Masiyiwa and Oscar Obiora Udebuana do say start from small and wait to see your progress becoming worthwhile. 
Continuity: having good team members and management can help to ensure that there is continuity in whatsoever that they have started. It is not a child’s play to see a business built over the years coming to an end in just a day. No entrepreneur will want to see their daily hustles, struggles and fight to succeed to end without something good to behold. 
Though there might be as many aspects where entrepreneurs feel that there is need to share their insights or ideas as regards entrepreneurship. Please feel free to share with others your ideas.
This is a question I will like to ask everyone reading this post, Are you creative? You can answer this question in the comment box.

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