Tuesday, 26 March 2019

A young lady shows how she turns trash straws to creative treasure

A young lady shows how she turns trash straws to creative treasures. Art is a world on its own, filled with different ideas. Her work showed that life worth recreating. This is what she said, “Yes, am a graduate, yes am a corp member, yes am an artist and yes I pick used straws and new ones to create stories and today I will tell you a story of a boy from the “the other side”.
The other side of life they say is always a blurred reflection of reality. A young boy dreaming of having quality education found himself on the street hawking, he told himself classroom is an opportunity but this street won’t stop my dream I will break all boundaries and create a classroom of my own, a classroom filled with noise but am deaf to it, filled with people (distraction) but am blind to it. And in that street a dream was built and cemented”.
She had to call herself, “the straw artist”.
There are lessons from her beautiful piece of work, firstly trash are treasures looking deeply and thinking about how to recreate them are what turns out to be creative. All trash are not trash but treasure, think and recreate them. Secondly, the hustle to have formal education remains a strong fight for the African society, more needs to be done. Thirdly, nothing stops one to achieve whatever height she or he wants, we are our only obstruction and distraction from achieving any heights.
What do you think about her?

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