Monday, 11 March 2019

The Africa We Want

Africa is considered as one of the most populous continent after Asia. But in terms of economic development it cannot be compared to the Asia continent. The African dream can only be lived by passionate Africans, we rise and fall but there is something that is intriguing about Africa, Africa got great talents and prospective economies.  The Africa we want is one capable of stirring up rapid development in all aspect of the African dream. Africa is endowed with massive natural resources yet they are not all harnessed due to the lack of entrepreneurial spirit on the African youths while the government have paid less attention to the entrepreneurship development of the African youths.
The future of any country depends on how prepared the inhabitants are. Now imagine Africa with booming businesses in various sectors followed by huge success. That is, I believe it is her time to enjoy the fruits of her labor after the decades of struggle for freedom from her colonial masters. The numerous ideas as regards the Africa we want, will be discussed below:
1.      Generation of wealth from waste
2.      Improved agricultural system which are technologically-driven
3.      Creative use of natural resources
4.      Encouragement of entrepreneurship spirit
5.      Creation of information technological hubs across Africa.
6.      Living the African artistic and fashion life
Generation of wealth from waste
Pollution have taken a greater share of our beloved environment, but there are little or no measures taken to curb the pollution. In terms of physical waste such as polyethylene and plastic bags which are used for packaging groceries and even water.
There are many industries producing polyethylene and plastic bags without thinking about the environment just solely concerned about making money. There could be a win-win situation in a way to bring about drastic reduction of these waste. But the people living in the environment assemble these waste and burn them, these which contributes a part in depleting the ozone layers. Like earlier said, there could a win-win situation to this problem. It can be done by sorting the waste into various categories and subjecting them to recycling and upcycling activities to produce products that can be of use to the populace. There is also another way by using the polyethylene and plastic bags to make creative fashion clothes, bags, wristbands and even caps for the populace.
Another aspect could be the conversion of agricultural wastes to generate energy which can also be of help to the farms as a source of power. These waste can be converted to produce energy to the society. There should be a sort of partnership between entrepreneurs, industries and of course the government.

Improved agricultural system which are technologically-driven
I really love this sector of the economy, my reason is that apart from the agriculturalist earning a reasonable amount of money, the outputs can provide fuel to the body and also save lives. In Africa today, some countries are still faced with the challenges of drought and famine, infertile soils, low outputs of crops and animals due to disease infestation and low feeding of animals, employment of crude tools and methods of farming, lack of access to markets, poor pricing of agricultural produce on the part of the end-users. Well, if Africans can have a rethink in investing on agriculture, it will help boost food production in the continent. Having improved production systems both in plant and animal agriculture where technology will help to increase productivity by saving time and energy while outputs will increase. From the use of irrigation systems, tractors, ploughs and other equipment, use of agricultural drones in improving farming methods-which I see as the future of agriculture in Africa, improved seedlings and also the use of organics in animal production can help improve the conditions of these animals. The several agricultural produces have values that can be of great use to man from the stem, leaves, fruits and even the roots. Apart from the nutritional values the agricultural values add, they can be made available for herbal medicine. That which have stood the test of time, and it is still existing.
These produces need packaging and meeting the quality standards in order to have more financial values in the markets. Africa with her various agricultural produce ranging from cash crops to animal produce can be able to feed her inhabitants and even be exported to other continents. Investing in modern agriculture is a great milestone in curbing famine and ensuring food security.

Creative use of natural resources
Natural resources are valuable materials in their raw form gifted by nature. Every country in Africa is endowed with numerous natural resources. Though, the government take full control of the resources as regards their exploration, processing and packaging but still entrepreneurs have achieved success in helping some African countries to transform the resources to usable products. A unique resource with great value is “the sun”. Remember in most African countries, the issue of electricity is in an epileptic state. Most existing startups and industries find it difficult to pay for huge electricity billing, there by resulting for the already and not environmental. Friendly option; which is use of heavy duty generating plants. Keeping the environments free from pollution is a duty of all Africans in order to protect it. Solar technology can be used to provide source of energy to Africans without polluting Africa both in the rural and urban areas to boost agricultural and industrial activities.

Encouragement of entrepreneurship spirit
Entrepreneurs in Africa can be motivated by through different medium they could be through different medium. It can be through several entrepreneurship training, financial education and management and marketing trainings. Most startups in Africa with the potentials of making a difference are continually seeking funding in order to make their dreams come alive. The Africa we want is not just a developed continent but start-ups driven. Permit me to call them “afripreneurs”- which have the combination of both Africa and entrepreneurs. This word is to show that there are African entrepreneurs with the zeal and passion to develop Africa by Africans for Africans.  There could be established entrepreneurship centers in various African countries that seek for passionate and purpose-driven afripreneurs to come together to receive trainings in other to encourage them to develop more and give them a sort of financial motivation to enable grow their ventures.

Creation of information technological hubs across Africa.
Creation of technological hubs in African countries can help us to achieve the Africa we want. Technology is the game of the day, from changing lives to imparting lives. The use of technology cuts across all walks of life and is unmeasurable, from healthcare, education, commerce (e-commerce), transportation, agriculture, financial sphere (fintech) etc. I believe when there are many technological hubs situated in African countries, it will help the African youths to gain knowledge and develop the necessary technological skills that will be useful to transform Africa. There are many skills that can be gained which in turn can be monetized by the youths such skills are website development and programming, digital marketing, graphics designing, block-chain technology, application developing and software programming etc. Helping in developing the youths will have a great effect on them, truly I believe that there are no lazy African youths equipping them with the necessary skills. It can help to prevent vices in the society and reduce migration from African countries to foreign lands all in the search for a bright future, not knowing that the future is in Africa.
Living the African artistic and fashion life
Dressing the way to be addressed is supposed to be lifestyle of Africans. We as Africans have our unique and distinctive attires that makes us great in wherever we are. Arts and fashion have always been part of our lives. It’s time to cease the opportunity to make the arts and fashion of every African country become more popular both in the sales and in wearing these attires by Africans and other parts of the world. Just like we have branded fashion lines abroad, Africa too can achieve such feat and it will even have more patronage from Africans and other parts of the world. There could be something like Africa fashion fair annually that will run for some weeks to showcase African fashion and even African countries can also make an availability for such an opportunity in order to show support for the African fashion. This will surely attract not only investors but other fashion organization to reconsider the African market and help to develop it by making use of African fashion.
Arts and crafts is another area to focus on. Africans are artistic in nature are continually designing products and making them to have a feel of nature in it. Paints, historic documentary, art works such as bronze casting, etc. have received attention of the years but more still could be done to further expand the already market. Showcasing the African arts on an annual basis can help attract lovers of arts to purchase these products and possibly give these deserving artists recognition. The African story and struggle for rapid economic development can also delivered the art works. This can attract investors both Africans and non-Africans to consider investing on Africa.
Though no man is an island, but I believe with these innovative ideas, the Africa we want is not only possible but a reality come through. Believing in energetic African youths is a way to save the African future. Africa must rise again.

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