Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Nigeria's Democracy at the mercy of her Leaders

All thanks to lovers of freedom or liberty but are yet to be freed or liberated. The elections both the general elections (federal level) held on the 23rd of February, 2019 and the gubernatorial and state house of assembly elections held on the 16th of March, 2019 are reflections that democracy is gradually having the crippling effect.
The young youths elected either in the federal level or state level regardless of the political parties deserve an applause. Congratulations to the elected youths. But it is time to realize that there are more to be achieved. The Not too young to run was one of the greatest movement in Nigeria, the conveners of this movement forged a strong coalition which was unbreakable until their voices were heard and prompted the necessary actions. This is an opportunity for the newly-elected youths to show that the Nigerian youths are not lazy but energetic and ideas-filled that will transform Nigeria for better.
Now, to the main discussion, democracy as defined by the Oxford dictionary, as “a form of government in which the people have a voice in the exercise of power, typically through elected representatives”. This definition sums it all, but do we as Nigerians have such voice? Are our voice heard without much protest? I do not think so, the past elections held have shown that the democracy in Nigeria is tampered upon. The electorates were promised a peaceful and quite voting process but it was less than what was promised. The electorates who have the power were disenfranchised of their rights through the militarization of some states, use of thugs, snatching and burning of ballot boxes, threats to lives of the election ad-hoc staff, vote buying, possession of large number of Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs) by individuals (usually only one PVC for an individual) but it was a different case and rigging. Believe me or not, the major political parties have a share of the blame game, just as a son would learn from his father, he will one day want to prove that he had even learnt more than the father have ever known. This scenario is a good illustration of what happened in the 2019 general elections. All these prevented smooth and fair democratic showcase. 
Are there any hope for a better Nigeria? Can Nigeria be called a democratic society? The answers to these questions cannot be given immediately because no one knows actually when the answers will be ready. Nigerians are deeply not satisfied with process and maybe the outcome of the process but a “beggar has no choice”. Nigeria got great talents and resources to prove that there could be a smooth and fair electoral process. Even if there cannot be a total change of the same system of voting, some measures can be taken to protect and ensure that people’s rights are not tampered upon. It is supposed to be a balance between a ruling and an opposition parties because it takes all sorts to make a world and also no man is an island. For the system to work and to stop blaming each other, we need all heads to come together and ensure that something can be done for Nigeria.
Lastly, I will like to leave you with some questions to think about, Are there any hope for a better Nigeria? Can Nigeria be called a democratic society? You can share your thoughts about what you feel.

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