Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Meet the Personalities: Meet Wemimo Aladeokomo, CEO of Wemzy_Artz

Today is WCW meaning Woman Crush Wednesday, but at, we believe that all women and ladies are worth celebrating on this special series, meeting the personalities. Awaarea, cannot interview all ladies but we definitely have a great personality to be presented to you today. She is no one but Miss Aladeokomo Wemimo and we will get to know her better as we progress. 

Some facts about Her:
She is an entrepreneur, she hails from Itapa, Ekiti state from the south-western region of Nigeria. She also a graduate from the University of Benin, Benin City, where she studied health education. She is also fun to be with. She is into the interior designing business but with other businesses attached to that which makes it interesting. More to come your way.
Now, we are going into the interview proper.
Awaarea respondent: What is the name of your brand?
Wemimo: My business name is Wemzy_artz but I might change it in future
This is a section where questions would be asked to know how inspirations are gotten from
Awaarea respondent: What led you to this profession?
Wemimo: I just like beautification. I love to see beauty spaces. I also want freedom which is what this work brings. It allows you time for yourself.
Awaarea respondent: What inspired you to be an interior design?
Wemimo: Like I said I like beautification. I like beautiful things, so I decided to capitalize upon this.
Here the entrepreneur gives an insight about the entrepreneurship journey.
Awaarea respondent: Can I say you are an entrepreneur?
Wemimo: Laughs, Yes of course, I am an entrepreneur.

Awaarea respondent: Basically, how do you see youths and the lazy tag placed on them?
Wemimo: Nigerian youths are not lazy physically. They just have lazy mind, they tend to settle instead of strive, that is my thoughts.
Awaarea respondent: How do you see art? Is it just a source of income or just your passion and making something out of it?
Wemimo: Art to me is a way of life. Therefore, making something out of it is my passion.
Awaarea respondent: Do you just do interior design or you accompany it with other arts?
Wemimo: I am into paintings, graphics design and branding
Awaarea respondent: Did you at any stage faced any challenge?
Wemimo: I faced challenges and I’m still facing challenges. I have not gotten to the Apex of my career yet so I have to keep moving no matter what
Awaarea respondent: Does your business have a current social presence?
Wemimo: Yes, on Instagram: @wemzy_artz, Facebook page: Wemzy_artz and on Twitter: @wemzy_artz

Awaarea respondent: In two sentences to round-up, how will you encourage others to get started to whatsoever they have in mind be it a business or white-collar job.
Wemimo: The road to success is rough… Nothing good comes easy but with persistence and God, you’ll succeed.
Awaarea respondent: It was great opportunity to have you on this Meeting the Personalities series. Thanks.
Wemimo: Yea, you are welcome. It was also an opportunity to be on the series. 

Life is short, live it and enjoy it. But live to remember you are born for a purpose, whether as an entrepreneur or a worker all have their passions, dreams, goals, and even needs. Reaching any heights needs consistency and a positive mind to achieve anything you ever want. It might be rough and tough but at the end the results will speak forth. Your ideas, hustle and dreams are real only you know what it takes to achieve it whether hard work, commitment and dedication, just strive as Wemimo said. See you later. 
Send your comments and questions. We wait for them.

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  1. I am so delighted to have made it to the blog's Meet the personalities....May the blog continue to expand and the CEO Emmanuel Alhassan grow in wisdom..Amen....See you all at the top


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