Friday, 22 March 2019

Education and talents: the way for life.

Education and life
Education is beauty but it becomes more beautiful with what one can use it to achieve. Formal education is felt as a better means to alleviate poverty some centuries ago but that trend has changed. We keep taking our children to schools to acquire formal knowledge.
This is life, it’s just too practical to ignore the challenges and focus mainly on educating the younger ones. Education received whether home or abroad, it is very good but the society is ever-changing. Now, welcome to the new world where with or without education, people excel or fail. But the striking aspect of it, is that “creativity” is the new word every organization or establishment wants to hear. Even with your higher qualifications, organizations don’t want to employ one without any creative skills or abilities. The life now is spirit filled with the energetic ideas and solutions to conquer.
The idea of my child must go to school, become a medical doctor, a lawyer or nurse should be checked properly. Talents sells more, even the time to develop it. It’s time to grab the future in our hands. You think, create, innovate and implement whatsoever solutions, this is how the educational sector is supposed to be. Entrepreneurship in our higher institutions seems like a death trap, imagine giving students such huge books to read, develop a paperwork project and attend classes, finally sit for exams and pass. Cyclical hobby for the bookish, youths are seriously tired of it, why not have something unique?
Every individual are born talented, the reason others shine and others remain in the same level is exploration, working to improve and support from family and friends. The elements I feel that parents should do are:
Invest in them apart from education
Interest identification
Supporting their talents
Launching their career line
Remember that the role of education is paramount, but is not a success on its own. Education helps an individual to develop, nurture and become excellent in whatever he/she does. Great inventors did not have formal education, school dropouts, while some went through the formal education but excelled in areas that they were not professional. Some examples of great inventors are Steve Jobs, who is the founder of Apple Inc., Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and other great inventors. Discouraging education is not my standpoint but what I feel should be the main goal is to help their children invest in their talents, provide the necessary support atmosphere and ensure that they do not deviate from that course.
Believe me there are more thousands of graduates year in, year out from this part of the world (Nigeria), the churning rate of unemployed graduates never seems to reduce nor there is a way to get these graduates employed. In Nigeria, these graduates in some way have talents but as a result of not be nurtured and inconsistency on the part of the beholder, such talents’ end is brought closer to its abrupt end.
For parents to avoid such recurrent situations such as this, they need to focus in assisting their children to develop their talents to achieve their potentials. It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop, this can serve as a motivation to help children to improve on their skills, abilities and even their talents.
The world no longer view education alone as something distinguishable because many have achieved a great fit in education and the world wants to see new innovation and stuffs out there. So, parents should allow their children to explore things out themselves and guide them.
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